Find the right contractor before redoing your siding or roof.

When it comes to the roof type to install, there are very many factors to consider. Thus for the shrewd homeowners, settling on a particular roof type should follow thorough research on all the roofing type options that are available on the market. This especially should be the case for individuals who plan to replace their roofs as a DIY project or homeowners overseeing the construction of their new home.

Herein, we look at the various roofing types available in the market with a particular interest in correlating the performance of each roof type with the climate and environment they are best suited for.

Flat Vs. Slanted Roof Types Of Design

A flat roofing type is a roof that is constructed with a gradient of about 2%, as required by many states’ building codes. This roof type is best for climates that have not snowfall whatsoever and little rainfall. They are also perfect for areas where the climatic temperatures do not suddenly change from very high to very low. Otherwise, installing such roofing types in places which receive a lot of rain and snow will leave the homeowners with a lot of work of checking the working conditions of the roof’s drainage system. Flat roofs can often require a different type of siding material. We recommend finding a James Hardie siding contractor near you.

On the other hand, the slanted roofs are the most popular roofing types in areas where substantial rainfall and or snowfall characterize the climate. Although the ideal slant associated varies, this design ensures that there is very little, if any buildup of water and or snow on the roof. If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Portland then do some research online and check reviews to help you contact the best roofing company for your situation.

The Various Roofing Material Used In Relation To Climates

#1. Hot and Wet Climates – The main concern for roofs in this climate is for the roofs to discourage the growth of algae. With this in mind, the best option of roofing tiles is asphalt shingles and new-generation of metal tiles (which are rust resistant and waterproof as well).

#2. Arid Climates – The main concern for arid climates such as Nevada is beating the heat. In this regard, you should look for a material that dissipates the heat well or discourages the heat absorption. Therefore, the best roofing material for arid areas are the clay tiles (does not absorb heat) and reflective metal tiles (reflects the heat away). Lighter shades of asphalt tiles are also viable options.

#3. Cool Climates (Midwest) – The main concern for climates that endure long months of snowfall are:
– The weight of the roofing material, where you want to use materials with a weight that is considerably low;
– The roof should have a hue that encourages the absorption option of winter light.

With this in mind, dark shingles are the best option available as they are light weight and help the roof to absorb the winter solar radiation. You may also opt for rubber roofing as it helps to retain heat whilst it is a better performing roofing option with regards to wind resistance. Finally, you may opt for high-end slate, and tile roofing but the roof will require reinforcements.

In conclusion, based on the roofing material characteristics and your climate, it is easy to settle down on the roofing material that will serve your needs well.

Some Different Pros & Cons of Getting LASIK

A few negative aspects and advantages of getting LASIK surgery

Are you fed up with putting on your cumbersome contacts or pair of glasses each day? If so, you might want to start thinking about going through with a LASIK surgery procedure. This is the most frequent refractive surgery to improve common vision problems that a lot of us have. LASIK has earned a mixed reputation over the years, mostly due to it’s earlier beginnings, and not everyone feels safe with the thought of going through surgery merely for the possibility of improving their vision. Of course, it certainly is best to talk to your eye doctor to ascertain whether you’re a good prospect for LASIK. For a brief history, listed below are a few pros as well as potential disadvantages of getting LASIK surgery. Be sure you do enough research to discover a trusted Lasik provider in Portland or click here to contact the Crews Portland Lasik surgery center.

Some of the Pros:

The principal gain to using LASIK is the fact it is possible for you to immediately gain a significant improvement in your perspective shortly after having the surgery (often within less than a day). In many cases just a couple of hours following the surgery, it isn’t uncommon for your vision to be as clear as it was when you were wearing contacts or glasses. Your perspective gets better as your cornea heals even.

Being able to drop the need to wear spectacles or contacts can also end up being a massive comfort. For many individuals, using eyeglasses can be restricting and tiresome. You might not be able to perform certain activities with glasses. Contact lenses usually regrettably resolve this issue but, not absolutely all communal people can put them on. Freedom from both of these can boost your self-esteem and widen your cosmetic and fashion options at the same time.

A few of the negative aspects:

Probably one of the most reported and common side effects of LASIK technique is night perspective issues (night vision problems). Many patients have problems with nighttime level of sensitivity and glare to certain types of light. The glad tidings are these problems disappear completely within 90 days. In rare circumstances, patients experience these night eye-sight issues for greater than a calendar year.

It is also common to get subconjunctival hemorrhages following a surgery. They are red locations on the white if the optical eyesight. They are essentially bruises because of the suction wedding ring used to keep carefully the optical vision still through the technique. The places disappear completely everywhere from seven days to a complete month usually. Although they could look alarming, you can be confident that they don’t affect your vision.

LASIK can also cause dryness of your eyes or the lack of your eyes to make sufficient tears. This acute dry eye condition can last up to 90 days. The solution to the is the utilization of topical unnatural tears or dried eye medications.

Be aware that each patient’s experience with LASIK changes. It’s necessary to discuss everything of the task with your physician, including its dangers and security.

What Makes Portland So Weird

Oregon has always been a mecca for hippies and outdoor lovers alike, and Portland is no exception. But aside from the ever popular outdoor sports of hiking, biking, kayaking, mountain climbing, sight-seeing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, and all of the other great outdoor activities that Portlanders and Oregonians love so much, there is an entire culture of people that embrace the hippy bohemian lifestyle.

It has become a part of Portland’s reputation, part of its style, and part of the locals’ way of life. From eclectic dining experiences to eccentric style and fashion, themed restaurants to street fairs and waterfront festivals, Portland one proud-to-be-weird city!

Just a few examples of some of the weird things you can eat and strange things to do while in Portland:

Voodoo Doughnuts

Not your typical doughnuts! Open 24 hours, 6 days a week, and lots of strange toppings on their menu. Things you may have heard of, things you’ve probably never dreamed of, such as vegan doughnuts, maple-bacon donuts, cock-n-ball or voodoo doll doughnuts, cereal-topped doughnuts, and even a Doughnut & Wedding Chapel, where for $175 you can get married and have doughnuts and coffee with 10 of your favorite people! They even have a Doughnut Eating Contest on the first Friday of the month!

Apizza Scholl

– Some of the greatest pizza, and the strangest rules, you’ve ever imagined. But you’ve got to time your trip just right, because they open at 5:00 p.m., and when the fresh hand-made dough is gone – they close up shop! The rules are no more than three toppings, no more than one meat topping, and no substitutions on house pizzas. Why? According to the pizza chef, too many toppings prevent the crust from cooking to perfection!

Horse Project

You’ll just have to find your own place within this project, whether you choose to find pretty ponies in the streets, decorate them, or just laugh at them, they’re everywhere. Just make up your own adventure, but be sure to check out the history of the project!


Check out some really funky art at the Grass Hut on Burnside. Their blog is pretty strange too, but if you’re in the mood to take a wild and funky trip to their gallery to check out some of their artwork, you won’t be disappointed!

My Father’s Place

For some great nighttime fun, and a taste of the truly fun and weird people in Portland, take a load off and go for a drink while you ponder the concept of mannequin parts on the ceiling – seriously!

This is just some of my favorite places that I can recommend you spend your time at when visiting Portland. Relive the hippy era and get on the wild side. It is truly an experience I will certainly tell my kids about someday.